Whether you are a seasoned singer or a shower singer you're welcome to join us!
'Megan creates a warm, safe singing environment and adds fun and a mass of knowledge. I'm so glad I joined!' 

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About Megan
I have been running choirs successfully for 9 years. My approach is a warm, fun, safe singing environment – singing should be joyful and uplifting and for most people it is an enjoyable hobby after a hard day’s work. I have many years experience teaching piano to adults and children and rock and pop singing to adults and teenagers. I have run numerous children's choirs in schools and I am a qualified Primary Teacher. I have a Management degree from Paul McCartney's Liverpool institute for Performing Arts. I currently run Beadman Music which provides live music for functions in Devon. I organise and sing in a rock band, an acoustic trio, a vocal harmony quartet & a vintage harmony & tap vintage trio!

So you think you can’t sing?
There is no such thing as not being able to sing.
It's the most natural thing.
It's a question of un-programming all those voices that say, 'You can't do that' and 'You can't sing.'"
I believe everyone has a voice and I help to find it. There is no such thing as ‘tone deaf’ and our current western society has squashed our instinctual need to sing in many people, sometimes being told at an early age that they can’t sing!
Benefits of singing:
From church choirs to karaoke bars, singing has always lifted people's spirits but there is also an increasing interest in the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of singing. It exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. It is an aerobic activity that improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and encourages you to take more oxygen into your body, leading to increased alertness. Aerobic activity is linked to stress reduction, longevity and better overall health. Improved airflow in the upper respiratory tract is likely to lessen the opportunity for bacteria to flourish there, countering the symptoms of colds and flu. Singing also aids the development of motor control and coordination, and recent studies have shown that it improves neurological functioning.
But the benefits of singing extend beyond the fizzing of synapses and the whizzing of oxygenated blood cells. Singing makes people feel good about themselves. If people are content they are less likely to encounter physical problems. There is nothing like singing for generating that ‘feelgood’ factor. It's an incredible endorphin rush. But as well as the sheer pleasure of opening your mouth and belting out a tune, there's also evidence to show that singing can have a tangible impact on your sense of wellbeing in a variety of ways. Music in various forms can support a sense of being part of society and increase your self-esteem. Singing with other people can help individuals connect to each other, and to their environment. Think of a football stadium with everyone singing. There's an excitement, you feel part of it, singing bonds people and always has done. There's a goose-bumpy feeling of connection.
So, what are you waiting for?
Reference: The Guardian, Tuesday 26 August 2008
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